Cargo411 is a leading freight brokerage company. We are a cloud-based virtual interlocking system that bridges the gap between the shipper and carrier in order to create an efficient and effective freight transportation environment where all parties involved can rest assure their shipment will be executed properly. As a result, we stand out among our peers and operate at a superior level. Our interlocking system is not just a liaison between customer and carrier but we coordinate all the shipment steps from A-Z while ensuring every need and satisfaction of all parties involved are being met.


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Choose Cargo411 and get an instant quote. Upon receiving your shipment information, we will automate the entire shipping process. Creating your bill of lading (BOL), dispatch, tracking and other necessary paperwork.  We’ll also give you the opportunity to customize your shipping solutions to meet specific logistical requirements.


At Cargo411, you will have access to thousands of load opportunities.  Our proprietary technology will help us match freight carriers’ needs with our available customer loads.  Whether you’re looking for a short or long haul, daily or weekly runs, we have you covered.


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