The Solution

  • Download

    • Sign up and create an account
    • Onboard present Carriers/Customers/Commodity
    • Onboard present Carriers/Customers/Commodity
  • Click

    • Create, import and integrate loads
    • Set price, see market rate and check availability
    • Matching tool assigns qualified carrier
  • Ship

    • Schedule pick up and drop off
    • Monitor live track and trace/security check points
    • Sign electronic documentation

Cargo 411 is a comprehensive customized integrated proprietary interlocking software which bridges the gap between suppliers and carriers. The customization in our codes, and algorithms allows for all loads to be posted free of charge without any sign up/ monthly fees through our zero-gap infrastructure portal.

Cargo 411's user management system consolidates, calculates log books, tracks & traces, offers full GPS assistance, as well as an all virtual signature system for BOL, POD, Invoice, and export documentation purposes. Moreover, our REALTIME security system has implemented security codes which prompt an alert if a truck is “off the grid” or navigational course.

In closing, Cargo 411's purpose is certainly not to disenfranchise the transportation industry, but rather to provide the technological advances with a 21st century approach.